“One of the most seamless integrations of Western psychology and Buddhist practice I’ve ever read.”
-Eric Zimmer, The One You Feed podcast

“[A] perceptive debut... Newcomers and readers familiar with meditation alike will enjoy De La Rosa’s compassionate perspective on the intersection of Buddhist practice and psychotherapy.” (Read the full review here)
-Publisher’s Weekly


"Ever inspiring."
                                                                      -Literary Soirée

“Smart and sure to benefit many. Ralph De La Rosa’s book lovingly reframes the parts of us we’d rather avoid, especially our busy and anxious minds, as energies calling us toward a deeper awareness. A very useful contribution to the conversation between Buddhist psychology and Western psychology.”
                              -Ethan Nichtern, author of The Road Home


"Filled with humility and wit, curiosity and hope, this book offers those struggling against the currents of their own torment a path of least resistance back to the safe harbor of self-understanding and self-love. With his humorous and hard-earned wisdom fully on display, Ralph shows us that empathic attention to our overworked, well-intentioned monkey minds can naturally lead them to quiet down, revealing wellsprings of wisdom and compassion that have been there all along. Ralph generously shares an intimate account of his own recovery as well as a complete set of somatic, evidence-based, and trauma-informed practices drawn from his long exploration of meditation, psychotherapy, yoga, and neuroscience."
                         -Dr. Miles Neale, author of Gradual Awakening


"The Monkey is the Messenger blends Ralph’s work as a therapist, Buddhist teacher, and perfectly imperfect human being to present a nuanced view of this powerful, transformative, magical, and exceedingly ordinary practice. It is a much-needed entry into Western literature on this mysterious practice, one that honors its past and brings it into the present.
              -Susan Piver, author of The Wisdom of a Broken Heart


“With a rare authenticity, Ralph De La Rosa seamlessly blends trauma theory and neuroscience into the framework of Buddhism. Reading this work will be deeply healing for so many people. If you have ever felt a little broken, pick up this book—it’s the voice we all need to hear.”
              -Lodro Rinzler, author of The Buddha Walks into a Bar